Angela Salvagno


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Angela Salvagno is one of our favorites.  Why is she one of our favorites?  because she has a ton of muscle and still is as beautiful as a super model. All women but with muscles.  A true sex goddess.  And to be honest we have never seen better pictures of Angela. Either she is getting better with age or this photographer knows how to photograph nude female bodybuilders.  Sorry this picture is not naked just sexy.  But she looked so good we picked this image to post.  You can always get tons of adult video and pictures of Angela by going to Aziani Iron.

Megan Avalon


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One of the top fitness models Megan Avalon photos are some of her best.  When we say tops it has a lot to do with her popularity on the internet she has her own official site take a look at some free pictures Megan Avalon.  There are beautiful girls and then there are girls who are the most amazing we have ever seen.  She is from California and you have to think that she is a Muscular Barbie.  Can she steel that title from Melissa Detwiller? Here is one vote that she makes a trip to Aziani Iron also.

Elisa Ann


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At first Elisa Ann didn’t look that muscular.  But then we realized that she is petite with muscles.  The muscles where just hiding under her clothes.  Look at the pump here she gets even with her big boobs her bicep looks big. And she has amazing shoulders.  Petite but strong.  That is what sums up Elisa.  Watch her lift weights on video this picture is just a little sample. She is listed with 38DD boobs and says that she has a rooster collection because she loves cock.  That’s the type of girl we like.



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Gina looks like one of those buff housewives that you never seem to get enough of.  Is she desperate or just enjoys spending her days in the gym.  Let’s hope she is single so we can keep the fantasy alive.  That there are athletic beauties like this on the market and there is still hope for us to have a girl like this as a girlfriend.  Flex those musclesGina. you look great with that tan.  Your a natural model. And on a side note we love how you wear your blonde hair.  An athletic babe with style.

Brandi Mae


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Another super muscle babe Brandi Mae.  This is a new site but we have high hopes that they will be able to continue to find muscular women who are amazing as the first batch. Our personal reason why we love it is that they offer quality glamor photography that you usually see in fitness modeling mixed with some women who are really muscular and offer good old fashioned XXX entertainment. Other sites are not as adult.  We love the clit pumping but most of all we love women like Brandi Mae. See her flex.

Ripped Vixen


Yes those are 16″ arms on Ripped Vixen. And we have to agree she is one ripped vixen.  Nice vascular arms and an amazing smile.  A sweet heart who obviously spends a lot of time at the gym.  Have you ever noticed that those girls that are personal trainers seems to be some of the happiest people on earth.  Don’t let them trick you into believing the weight room is like Disneyland.  But there has to be some correlation between a healthy lifestyle and happiness.  Ripped Vixen makes us happy because she takes her clothes off and shows us her muscles.



I’m kind of wondering about DD.  Why the name DD.  I know models use alias but I’m not sure DD is a great name for marketing purposes.  My guess is that she has DD boobs but as a female bodybuilder wouldn’t 15 be better to describe her bicep size or 23″ which is how big her thighs are.  That’s big boys, not a lot of mean get close there.  I guess it’s easier for females to build up their legs but that is still a very impressive stat. I’m sure there is someone reading this blog right now wishing DD would wrap her legs around him and squeeze with all her might. More inside Aziani Iron.

Joanna Thomas


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Joanna Thomas is huge.  Huge as in she has muscle and huge boobs but more important to note is she is thick.  She has so much muscle that she ranks up there as being one of the most wide women to pose as a nude female bodybuilder.  It’s nice to see some awesome adult  glamor photography. Don’t be mistaken this site is more porn than other adult nude female bodybuilder sites. Joanna is a British athlete from a long line of amazing muscle babes for across the pond joining the likes of other greats such as Andrulla Blanchette.

Nikki Jackson


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Good news about Nikki Jackson she has her own official site as well. She loves fitness and to quote her site she started getting in shape and was amazing at how fast her body transformed. Some might call her more of a fitness model but she is athletic with muscles. And there is some great stuff of her. She’s a true professional. Thanks Nikki for your dedication to healthy living and fitness. Most of us will agree that your body is amazing. You might want to check out this blog dedicated to her with tons of free nude Nikki Jackson pictures.

Ashlee Chambers


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A little history on Ashlee Chambers. She was born on November 30, 1974 and is a Florida native and Dallas Texas is frequently listed. It’s kind of easy to believe she would be a Texan as they do everything big there. She might look like a fitness model but she is also a certified porn star with some of the most beautiful eyes you have laid eyes on. And quit possible the most beautiful in the entire world. Believe it or not her bra size is listed as 40H. They look big but her athletic body hides the massive size. When you have big muscles it’s tough to compare. If you like blondes with muscle that ooze sex appeal Ashlee is your girl.